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We use Domino as a platform, developed by Lotus Development Corp. and proved to be one of the most reliable and highly functional Web servers. Also, the Domino platform allows high level of database integration, nice possibilities for content management, subscriptions, mailing and document management over the web. We try to use as much as possible to give our clients the best to perform successful business over their websites.

HTML and Java Script
Yes, we use HTML extensively in Domino, but we also can do regular and static HTML websites. We also use the best and proven Java Scripting, to make your websites to look more alive, dynamic and meaningful.

Flash animation
We think, Macromedia Flash is one good tool. It makes your website more entertaining, grasp the attention of the visitor and gives everything the nice feeling of smooth movement.
We use Flash for pure decoration, as well as a substitution of functional graphics (Titles, Menu)

Java Applets
We don't create our own Java Applets but we can merge it with the different graphics and change the parameters. Usually we use the java-applets, provided by Fabio Ciucci. We think - they are great and very entertatining.

Thank you for reading this :)!